Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Easy Steps to Success

The draft is key to your team's success. By following these 10 easy steps your team will be successful!

1. First of all, you must have a team. I use ESPN, it is free to create a team, and a lot of fun. Leagues open up in mid-February.

2. When it rolls around, draft day is key to your success. It is very important to plan your draft ahead of time, look at stats and get an idea of who you want to draft. It also is important to have a well balanced team. (I will provide pre draft rankings, these can be very helpful!)

3. During your draft, you want to form a balance between old and young. Accordingly, stay away from older, injury prone players. They are no help during your season if they are sitting on your DL. If you can draft them in a late round though, it's worth the risk.

4. You also don't want to draft unproven players. Usually there is a lot of hype about prospects. Many, though, are big busts during their first season. If you can take them during a late round, it's definitely worth the risk. But don't waste an early pick on them.

5. Certain positions have less depth to them then others. In baseball these positions are primarily C and SS. Make sure you draft a strong player at those positions, even if it means an earlier pick. Remember, you want a balanced team.

6. Try to grab players with dual, or even triple eligibility. If someone on your starting lineup goes down with an injury, this can provide you with more options. You also don't have to waste bench spots with backups.

7. Look for sleepers and underrated players. Use your last couple picks on these types of players. You never know, the risk may pay off!

8. During your season, it is important to manage and pay attention to your team. Set your lineup every day to ensure success.

9. Send trades to other owners. Trades make fantasy fun!!!! If you receive trades, counter them and provide feedback. The other owner usually appreciates this.

10. Most importantly, be happy with your team and have fun! Also be a good sport. If you and another owner disagree about something, its ok. This is what adds to the fun of Fantasy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Michael Young

Michael Young has been a solid fantasy player for many years. He contributes to every category, is still in his prime, plays at a shallow SS position, and is a strong lineup! What is there not to like about him? The best part is that h only gets better for 2009.

The Rangers are moving Young to 3B to make room for prospect Elvis Andrus. His dual eligibility will be beneficial to every owner durining the 2009 season. But those in keeper leauges, keep in mind that you can kiss his SS eligibility good bye in 2010.

Baseball is back and better than ever!

After months of waiting, fantasy baseball is finally rolling in! Another season filled with supsense and excitement is waiting for us as well as a draft pool full of talented players and unexpected twists. Stay tuned for rankings, updates, and more!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome Back!

I will resume posting with fantasy baseball news, advice, and updates. Please stay tuned for more!